Executive Succession Planning in Michigan


Executive Succession Planning in Michigan

Is your company prepared for key absence of primary executives?

What is executive succession planning?

Executive succession planning is part of a firm’s business continuity plan. It establishes the order in which the firm’s executives at different levels will assume the responsibilities and control of the firm’s operations in the absence of the primary or substantive officeholder.

Is your company prepared? In many cases:

Companies do not know who is next in line to fill senior executive positions. Organizations often do not make the connection between the skills and experiences required to run the company, and the individual candidates—both internal and external that are best-suited to eventually assume senior executive positions. When a list of possible successors is compiled, it is too often narrow in scope and therefore not relied on when a succession event actually occurs.

Succession plans are not connected with coaching and internal talent development programs. Succession planning
and internal talent development are treated as distinct activities rather than one continuous program to gradually develop leadership skills in the organization. Because of this, the board of directors does not have sufficient insight into the skills
and capabilities of the senior management team and is not prepared to determine which executives are most qualified
to replace an outgoing CEO or C-suite member when a succession event occurs.

Our Executive Succession planning offerings are designed to address the aforementioned reasons for fast-growing companies who are invested in the development of their future succession planning. We have developed a proven and proprietary process to develop and implement effective succession planning for both large and small businesses.

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Executive Coaching in Michigan – What’s Next?

Executive Coaching in Michigan – What’s Next?

Let’s help you engage and develop your future leaders…

Employees today are hired into many fast growing organisations and within a few years, they would have improved their expertise and competence in their roles. The noted performance improvement is often what makes them eligible to be considered for promotion into managerial roles whereby they are now responsible for delivering results, not just theirs but that of the employees they now manage. We have noticed that how this transition from junior to senior roles happens is absolutely crucial to the development of a leader in any organisation.

Being responsible for others, in one’s capacity as a leader, is no longer just about the results they can produce as an individual but also through their teams. If a new leader is not given adequate support for the identity shift that takes place when they enter leadership or managerial roles, it will affect the quality of an organisation’s wider culture.

Being a successful leader is a lot more about the development of crucial people skills and other soft skills around decision making, stress management, effective communication, authenticity to name a few.

Developing the next generation of leaders in any organization is fundamental to its long-term growth but with the mantle of leadership being passed on to millennials who are driven by very different values and beliefs from that of previous generations, this changing landscape makes it much more apparent that the support needed for leadership development requires a different approach from what suitable for previous generations of leaders.

Our Executive Coaching offerings are designed to address the aforementioned reasons for fast-growing companies who are invested in the development of their future leaders. We have developed a 16 step proven and proprietary process to improve conversation, enhance your leadership style, build winning teams, and continuously improve your leadership.

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Executive Coaching IOU

Anyone looking to move from point A to point B in their careers, just remember 3 letters:


I = In (moving into a new role or industry)

O = Out (moving out of an existing role or industry)

U = Up (moving up in an organization or role)

Our clients tell us the only way to navigate through the minutia is to have executive coach to advise, strategize, and execute a strategic plan.

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Executive Coaching in Michigan – What are the benefits?

An expert career counselor can put a person’s qualification, experience, strengths and weakness in a broad perspective taking into consideration schooling, desired salary, personal hobbies and interests, location and job market. It will help to greatly to find the current position as well as the future direction. A person may have to answer some basic questions asked by counselor. On the basis of the answers, the career counselor will give career options to choose.The career counselor with his vast knowledge of careers can open the doors of a new world. Only a career counselor can tell the pros and cons of various careers. By taking career counseling one can make a long list of career options, which suits the qualifications.

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Executive Career Coaching in Michigan

Executive Career Coaching in Michigan and Mastering Executive Conversations  by EDP Management LLC – Providing Expert Executive Coaching Mastering Executive Conversation. Call 248-882-0507 for a consultation.

We offer Executive Coaching Services, CEO Coach or Leadership Coaching Services in Troy, Michigan and:

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Flint, Michigan Executive Coach

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Grand Rapids, Michigan Executive Coach

Kalamazoo, Michigan Executive Coach

Lakewood, Ohio Executive Coach

Lansing, Michigan Executive Coach

Livonia, Michigan Executive Coach

Lorain, Ohio Executive Coach

Mansfield, Ohio Executive Coach

Muncie, Indiana Executive Coach

Novi, Michigan Executive Coach

Parma, Ohio Executive Coach

Pontiac, Michigan Executive Coach

Rochester Hills, Michigan Executive Coach

Royal Oak, Michigan Executive Coach

Saginaw, Michigan Executive Coach

Southfield, Michigan Executive Coach

Sterling Heights, Michigan Executive Coach

Taylor, Michigan Executive Coach

Toledo, Ohio Executive Coach

Troy, Michigan Executive Coach

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Medical School Interview Coaching and Preparation

Actual Testimonial from a successful Medical School Candidate who benefitted from Medical School Interview Coaching and Preparation:

“Working with Evans to prepare for a medical school interview at University of Wisconsin, Madison, helped immensely during this stressful time. Evans challenged me to rethink what I want from an interview, encouraging me to speak the truth instead of “saying what they want me to say.” He increased my confidence and gave me great tools to use during the interview. I have never felt so prepared going in to, or as happy coming out of, an interview before.

I was really impressed how personalized the service was. He really went out of his way to make sure I was always progressing and worked very hard to help me reach my goal. I highly recommend working with Evans to anybody with an important interview. No matter how confident you feel, he will always find more ways to help you be your best.”

Dental School Admissions Consulting Services – Michigan


Medical and Dental Interview Success!

Get expert one-on-one advice on how to prepare for dental school interviews by our experience executive coaches and admissions insiders.

Stay ahead of the deadlines with a detailed action plan.

Benefit from discreet, impartial guidance on personal statements, resumes, and interviews.

Assess your acceptance chances at your target medical and dental schools.

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How to answer the question: Tell Me About Yourself

To best answer the question: “Tell Me About Yourself” you first have to define your strengths. Definition of strengths are the actions you perform on a daily basis. The action are the ones you perform most often, most successfully, and always striving to improve.

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How to Interview for Success – Asking the Right Questions


Most people prepare for an interview, tediously brushing up, so they may answer questions correctly. The proper mindset for your role is to determine if this opportunity is a proper fit for you, just as much as it is for the company or organization inviting you in. By keeping this concept in mind, it should lead to an open exchange of thoughts and ideas, where you may both ascertain future potential.

The Process

In preparation for the interview research the company’s website, their competitors and gain understanding of the industry as a whole. You can visit the web, the library, or if you know individuals who work in the industry, or even for the company itself, talk to them in advance, gaining as much knowledge as you can.

Develop questions to ask the interviewer, but at least three key ones.

  1. What challenges does the company face?
  2. What are the company’s goals?
  3. What is the interviewer’s opinion of the company & industry as a whole?

As the interviewer is asking questions of you, do likewise, asking questions of the interviewer, keeping it conversational. Ultimately keep in mind how you can benefit the company with your unique strengths.

How To End the Interview

Say, “Thank you,” whether you felt it went well or it was a complete disaster.

Always ask these three questions.

  1. What is the next step in the hiring process?
  2. How many people are you interviewing for the position?
  3. Where do I stand in the order of people you have interviewed so far?

Next, ask what could you improve on for future interviews? You really want to ask this question if you are in the running or not, and most interviewers will gladly answer it for you.

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How to Redefine Your Management and Leadership Skills

coaching_first_step How to Redefine Your Management and Leadership Skills:

There are many executives who are extremely successful, yet remain despondent in their present position. They may feel stagnant; a lack of challenge; or even a fear of being let go. Redefining your management and leadership skills has been an invaluable remedy, providing breakthroughs into new career paths. This is accomplished by going well beyond defining strengths merely by job title. When properly scrutinizing one’s strengths, a “Re-branding,” takes place. It allows you to communicate your story in a more interesting and concise manner.

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